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I wonder if Henry did the same with all of his starlets? All this speculation about whether he was gay or bi or straight is really stupid. He was a hot guy. Some of you want him to be gay and others want him to be straight. But some of you make it seem like it's a bad thing to be gay. Would Guy Madison be considered a "twink" in gay culture or is he maybe a smidgen 1. Sorry if not. Thanks for replies! As an actor Guy was pretty much just a hairy chest below a good chin and hairline.

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His horse was a more talented performer. He may not have been as talented as some people would have liked but I loved watching him on screen. When someone is as beautiful as he was, talent is secondary. Like Keanu Reeves today.

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You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Remembering Guy Madison Born January 19, The studios put out a lot of shirtless photos of him in swimsuits. Love that pic with Mitchum--looks like Guy's about to kiss him. He was into archery. Cute puppy. Guy Madison and Robert Walker. He was fucking gorgeous.

Has Sarah Palin weighed in? He was into being fucked by Rory Calhoun. Follow the treasure trail. I defy anyone to watch Till the End of Time all the way through and keep their pants on. Hot Guy.

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High point of his career. Looks like something hanging out of those shorts. That omg needs authorization. I don't think Robert Mitchum was bisexual though. There's something going on in this one:. Was that common in a life as a hobo to have sex with other hobos R26?

Who Benefits From Dress Codes? Almost Always, It's People In Power - MTV

They weren't called Wild Boys of the Road for nothing. What a beautiful man. Rory Calhoun was a jailhouse thug. Guy liked 'em rough. Gorgeous guy but a crappy dancer:. Here's one I found pretty easily, R Apparently aged pretty nicely. And, wow, he sure aged well. Here's Jeff Richards. Apparently, men who were born in were all smoking hot! And I should know.

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Here's the actual photo that got Henry Willson's attention Guy Madison in late 's. The two men often went on fishing and hunting trips.

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Sounds too much like Brokeback Mountain. I'm surprised no one mentioned that Musto put in his 2-cents too. No doubt he was, R And did you catch this among his pics in the comments section? A major oops!

Grand Canyon Massacre (1964) James Mitchum, Milla Sannoner, George Ardi.

Closest sailor Rory pic I could find. Found it! Fabulous package. Thanks Gail Russell watching hubby Guy Madison playing cupid? Best buds, fishing. Aesthetics notwithstanding Guy singing to himself: "Oh my man I love him so All my life is just despair, but I don't care.. When he takes me in his arms.. Is it just me or does this scene not drip with bisexual subtext? Guy seemed to have thing for bows and arrows. Off to the bus station. I love this picture of Guy He gives me a tremendous boner. They probably got the set as a wedding gift. Very good, R What are some of Guy's better films?

He worked with a few great directors along the way. R92 Wow that clip! His son Roberto is an actor in Italy.

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He did not inherit his fathers looks. And only on DL could that thread about Guy Madison have a side-car about china. Guy Madison and Dorothy McGuire. Guy dancing with a guy And of course I did a gif of him in his sweater, while masturbating furiously Re: Ciro's What they would have been eating.

Guy's primary interest seemed to be archery. There are loads of photos online. Guy and Gail That turned up nose was quite adorable on a man in his 20s but less sexy on a cowboy in his 30s. In white shorts Sharing an arrow with a blonde friend Guy and Rory showing Henry Willson how to make a quiver And a shirtless Rory getting in on the action Rory definitely didn't look after himself physically, but he looks so fine in this pic Young Guy, hands on hips Oh to be Erlene Slater on that night in I wonder if Guy gave her a portion That story about him and Rory in the back seat of tha Jag R So I guess that photo implies Guy is the bottom.

He's washing while Rory is drying. Rory and his naturally ripped body. You don't get this in a gym. More pits. Guy Madison with wife Sheila and their children.