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Monday, May 6 pm. Thursday, May 9 pm. Friday, May 10 pm. Saturday, May 11 pm Saturday, May 11 pm.

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Monday, May 13 pm. Thursday, May 16 pm. Friday, May 17 pm. Saturday, May 18 pm Saturday, May 18 pm. Through education, support and advocacy we strive to eliminate the pervasive stigma of mental illnesses, affect positive changes in the mental health system, and increase the public and professional understanding of mental illnesses. Uprising will be collecting fidgets and other items for NAMIs programming. Inside the wreath of lillies is a view finder hidden from view. Looking in you see life flashing before your eyes, and a man's face appears out of the void.

His eyes gaze deeply into your own. You share a moment together in silence. He smiles, and thanks you for coming. Each display case had a laptop computer inside, enabling the performer to play pre-recorded audio or speak through a live audio program designed by Stefan Smulovitz. The result was a distorted audio collage of the often confusing internal soundtrack of contemporary life. At the top of the stairs the bodies enter into a momentary blissful waltz with the guards, only to be cast back down to resume their futile Sisyphean task.

We have been inundated with positive feedback from a very enthusiastic audience since your performance! Experiment 2: The Fractured Mind quicktime video, minutes. Final Viewing begins at a wake, where audience members gather with philanthropist Dan Goodman Andrew Laurenson to commemorate John Doe Paul Ternes , who one year prior sacrificed his life pushing Goodman out of the way of a speeding taxicab. Now, to honour his anonymous saviour, Goodman has created "The International Centre for Active Goodness," to reward and publicize extraordinary deeds.

After a drink and sing-a-long at the wake in the Lamplighter Hotel pub , audience members travel down the street to an office building for a tour of the International Centre. The tour soon derails, and we find ourselves inside Goodman's mind, travelling through the haunted corridors of the Centre, which speak of Dan's memories and his dying wishes: if only someone had pushed him out of the way of that speeding taxicab, if only someone had performed an act of goodness The public anatomies of the 15th century revealed an entirely new way of looking at the human body — the body as corpse.

Previously, the body was a mysterious vessel, not to be desecrated by human hands. These events pre-dated early theatre, crowds gathered and tickets were sold to feed a public fascination for spectacle and knowledge.

According to author Robert D. It is a vision of the body, a specific way of looking at the body. It is a perspective, which, in focusing on the body itself as a spectacle for observation, isolates the body from its living context or situation and fragments the body which it sees. The body observed on the stage of the dissecting table belongs as much to the realm of art as it does to science.

Experiment 1: The Abandoned Body quicktime video, minutes. Part drive-in theatre, part live radio show, Half a Tank is a spectacular meditation on our relationship with the automobile. The show takes place in a large parking lot, with audience members seated inside their cars, parked in a large circle facing inward. Those without cars are encouraged to car-pool or car share on-site. Audience members listen to their car radios as radio station CKAR is on location to cover an historic occassion: the Diplomat is about to pass , miles on the odometer.

The event also features the Good Lookin' Roller Team who provide exciting choreography and window service to patrons, the Pit Crew who keep windows clean and ensure our supply of gas, with additional appearances from Pedal Power , Thomas Anfield and other special guests. Full Cast List below.

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Half a Tank was critically acclaimed in Vancouver and Toronto, and achieved national coverage with a preview story that was picked up by several newspapers across the country. The show was a suprising hit with families, offering entertainment for all ages the kids had permission to honk the car horn all night. The show reflects our dysfunctional relationship with the automobile: we love our cars but they are killing us. Half a Tank culminates in a lavish ceremony as the Diplomat dies and is towed away to 'the next lot,' crammed with a teeming mass of humanity.

The audience is left to ponder a flaming oil drum as the show comes to an end. Photos by Janet Baxter. Watch a Quicktime. SexMachine was inspired by Wilhelm Reich, one of the most controversial thinkers of the twentieth century. A pioneer of body centred psychotherapy, Reich studied the inextricable link between our physical and mental health. His early studies into the nature of the orgasm led to his later claim of having discovered cosmic life energy that he called 'orgone. Created by the Radix collective, SexMachine looked at the themes surrounding the life and work of this "mad scientist" to examine some of our contemporary attitudes towards sex, power, and freedom of expression.

This site-specific show was set in the beautifully restored Shelly Building at West Pender. Upon arrival, audience members were treated as though they were coming to a sex clinic for a tour and possible treatment. They were met by 'staff' dressed in lab coats, asked to remove their shoes and wear hygenic surgical socks, and given a 'treatment' on a 60's era hip-shaking belt machine.

From there they were led through a series of performance installations in several of the offices on that floor, enveloping them in a surreal atmosphere of poetically charged and viscerally stimulating imagery. Take the tour that everyone's talking about! Now you can travel on a luxury tour bus for an in-depth examination of the story behind Vancouver's most famous rodent.

PDF The Blackbirds Secret: childrens theater (Théâtre)

Was it art, or was it simply insane? In , Vancouver performance artist Rick Gibson declared he was going to crush a live rat named Sniffy onto a piece of canvas in a free public performance. The announcement spread like wildfire and made headlines around the world! Find out how Rick Gibson managed to escape the clutches of an angry mob! See the sites where the Sniffy story happened, watch the video, meet the people! In-depth interviews, fascinating unknown facts, plenty of photo opportunities! Is Sniffy still alive? Is it true that Sniffy moved to Port Coquitlam? Learn about Sniffy's dramatic rescue and his ultimate fate.

Watch 22 Short Films about Sniffy the Rat. Santor, K. With the help of Vancouver artist Bobbi Kozinuk, Radix built small FM radio transmitters that were situated inside the store. The performers and audience members—indistinguishable from other shoppers--carried portable FM receivers that allowed them to listen to a soundtrack of 'inner' voices, music, and sound effects, while following the catalogue like a treasure map--one group following the "Comedy" channel in one direction while another followed "Tragedy" in the opposite direction. Moving across the store, the audience encountered scenes, ideas, and objects activated by the soundtrack's narrative 'channels', discovering new layers in the fascinating mixture of sense data, social experiment and collective dream that IKEA represents to most of us.

The Swedish Play was created because IKEA transcends the idea of a furniture store, it has become an iconic presence for generations of Canadians, creating links to a European heritage and a global society that reaches into everyone's life. Everyone must by now have at least one IKEA item in their home, and the different choices and styles that are reflected in IKEA's product lines offer an ideal environment for an examination of both our individual and collective dreams.

The Swedish Play from radix theatre on Vimeo. A further development of the themes and ideas behind Box, Box2 returned to the the Templeton diner to offer up a whole new menu, well mostly. This new production included a video segment that followed the busboy down Granville Street and into a XXX shop video booth where he gets transported 'outside the box' into a strange and distant forest before returning to the diner forever altered. Directed by Craig Hall. Exploring the question "Having been tamed, is there anything wild still left in us?

Staged in a rarely used, split-level underground parking garage beneath the ballroom of an old dance hall, the peformance began with the audience descending into the dark underground space of the lowest parkade.

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As lights were turned on and off by the performers, different corners of this spooky basement appeared in and out of the darkness where eerie scenes were played out amongst the abandoned furniture and rusty appliances stored there. After climbing the stairs to the next level, an empty garage with a haunting echo, the audience listened to the gentle singing of one character until the garage door flew open and the man's song was cut short by the terrifying entrance of a speeding truck trying to run him down.

The performance culminated on the next floor up where the audience took up a position on a balcony overlooking the ballroom. Complete with disco ball and dry ice, the ballroom performance included a spectacular video projection of hundreds of crows amassing in the sky while a foot tall dark angel sang to a bewildered tap-dancer. The creation of Box began as an exploration of feelings of uncertainty about the future, contextualized by the awareness of the end of this millennium the familiar and the beginning of the next the unknown.

The concept concretized in the image of a box inspired by Erwin Schroedinger's infamous thought experiment, in which a cat is placed inside a box that at some random moment releases a poisonous gas. According to quantum physics, since we cannot see the cat to determine if it is alive or dead the cat enters a kind of limbo, both alive and dead simultaneously, until the box is opened up to check.

Originally, Radix imagined performers inside boxes, but the limitations of this idea sent the collective looking on the outside. They visited Vancouver's Templeton Diner and had a 'eureka' moment when their eccentric waitress delivered an on-going monologue about her life while serving customers.

This was the box they were looking for.

Infinite BLACK Suitcase - LHS Theater

The company was trained as staff and operated the diner normally; many unsuspecting patrons were surprised when a performance emerged before them. Soon the entire diner was turned upside-down with lights, video projections, movement and song.

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One unsuspecting patron was so impressed by the production he funded a re-mount of the show for the Vancouver Fringe festival. A field trip into the vegetable mind, All Flesh is Grass was an outdoor adventure drama that took its audience on an archeo-cultural dig for hope among the ruins of history. The stage was an empty lot just north of the city's train station, a six acre field grown over with weeds, tall grasses, and wild flowers.

Gathering at the station just before sunset, the audience was asked to grab hold of a long rope and then follow their group leader across the train station parking lot and through a hole in the fence surrounding the empty lot. Here they encountered three lost souls trying to make their way through this absurdist urban wasteland with agricultural promise. Along the way they discover a surreal landscape complete with buried treasure, a bathtub full of love letters, and a garden of human-plant hybrids swaying in the dusk breeze. The performance began in the crosswalk at the corner of Hamilton and Georgia, with a movement piece timed to the changing lights.